Week 39
I felt weird this week. I had bad sleep, but I’m not sure if that’s a cause or a symptom. Maybe it was the crappy weather and the changing daylight. Maybe it was some added stress at work. Maybe it was just the inevitable comedown after a goal race. At any rate, it was hard to get motivated. On Sunday the Snook and I did our three mile “long run” through Newtown at night. Monday night I went to Spudds where I became the FIRST GIRL EVER to score three back-to-back 100m+/20s on the rower! I did a short walk afterwards to cool down. Tuesday I walked to and from work. Wednesday I did my scheduled 25 minute run and then walked to work afterwards. And on Friday I did speed intervals at lunchtime with my friend Raj.

Sep. 25: 4.85km
Sep. 26: 1.07km (walking)
Sep. 27: 5.01km (walking)
Sep. 28: 3.82km
Sep. 28: 2.51km (walking)
Sep. 30: 4.89km
Total this week: 13.57km (8.5mi)
Total in 2011: 866.86km (541.8mi)

My Galloway class is going well and we’ve now completed the first two weeks. I was a little worried about my ability to do the speed workout this week: SIX 400m repeats at race pace with 250m walk breaks in between. (We only had to do four last week.) It was difficult, but I made it! I keep trying to focus on running more smoothly and efficiently in these intervals rather than making it an all-out sprint. I think it’s working. I can’t wait to do a time trial and test my progress…