Week 42
Work’s been stressful the past couple of weeks. I’ve got some new responsibilities, and I’ve been trying to get a big project off the ground. This has meant some late nights and working lunches. It’s made fitting in my workouts more difficult – but boy, have I needed them. On Sunday, the Snook and I did our longest speed workout yet: TEN 400m intervals at race pace with 250m walking recovery. I was dreading it, but we pretty much kicked its ass! Monday I walked to work. Tuesday I went for a 4:1 run/walk at lunchtime and then walked home in the evening. Wednesday I had my first Spudds class in weeks, and it was pretty tough! And Friday I went for a run at lunch with Kunaal and Raj, and I SWEAR TO GOD WE RAN RIGHT PAST RUSSELL CROWE. (But nobody else believes me.) Good week! Sunny weather runs make life worth living.

Oct. 16: 6.81km
Oct. 17: 2.65km (walking)
Oct. 18: 5.17km
Oct. 18: 2.59km (walking)
Oct. 21: 4.66km
Total this week: 16.64km (10.4mi)
Total in 2011: 912.35km (570.2mi)

To meet my original goal of running 1100km in 2011, I should be at 888.5km. Still on track there! But I think the 1200km goal is well and truly gone at this point.