Week 43
The work stress has relented, but my legs haven’t figured it out yet. They feel tired and creaky and worn out. My left Achilles has been bothering me a little, and my chronic right lower back issue has been flaring up. It’s annoying. I’m not doing nearly as much mileage as I was in the early part of the year, so why am I having all these issues now? Ugh. Anyway, on Saturday the Snook and I went for a long, slow 9km run around Blackwattle Bay. Monday I was feeling too crappy to go to Spudds but I did manage to walk home from work. Tuesday I went for a lunchtime run in the rain. Wednesday I walked to work and then went to a Spudds class at lunchtime. And today I did an easy solo run in the Domain by myself.

Oct. 22: 9.08km
Oct. 24: 2.70km (walking)
Oct. 25: 4.40km
Oct. 26: 2.82km (walking)
Oct. 28: 5.27km
Total this week: 18.75km (11.7mi)
Total in 2011: 931.1km (581.9mi)

To meet my (adjusted) goal of running 1100km in 2011, I should be at 909.6km. Still on track!