Week 1: And back to the beginning I go for the third year in a row! The first week of 2012 was an interesting one. I did my first “long” run of marathon training – 7 miles. It was on a very hot day, so I took it nice and slow. I missed my mid-week run in favour of trying to give blood once again, and I’m happy to report that this time it was successful! On Friday I went out for an easy 5K, but it was just awful. My legs and feet hurt and I just didn’t want to be out there. In retrospect, I realise what the problem was. I accidentally wore my old running shoes! Unfortunately that mistake resulted in me developing a slight case of runner’s knee. I exacerbated it on Saturday with a long bike ride and a strength workout. I’ve been icing and resting it ever since.

Jan 2: 11.51km
Jan 6: 5.80km
Jan 7: 14.44km (cycling)
Jan 7: strength workout
Total cycling this week: 14.44km (9mi)
Total cycling in 2012: 14.44km (9mi)
Total running this week: 17.31km (10.8mi)
Total running in 2012: 17.31km (10.8mi)

I’m not going to start comparing myself to the necessary goal pace just yet or it’ll make resting this knee more difficult. I’ll get there once the long runs start extending, I know it.