Kris Baratheon, chowing downGame of Thrones Dinner – A few weeks ago I spotted an article in the SMH about a special Game of Thrones themed menu that Gastro ParK was doing this month. I’d heard of the restaurant before; Miss Fee went there last year and enjoyed it. I rang them up to ask about a possible booking and found they were filling up fast! I managed to get a table for four for the 15th… which just so happened to be my birthday! Awesome. I invited the other two biggest GoT fans I know (Kylie and Kunaal) and we prepared ourselves for an evening of GEEKING OUT. I am happy to say the experience did not disappoint. Kylie took photos and wrote everything up over on her blog, so go there if you want to see what we ate. The venison was beautiful; the soup exquisite; the roast pork divine. We dove in like we were Baratheons. And that dessert… A giant silver tray dotted with all manner of sweet things including a passionfruit-filled dragon’s egg that melted when the waiter poured over “liquid gold” (a la Viserys)? DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN. My favorite part was the ostrich-egg sized cloud of frozen aerated buttermilk panna cotta. (Granted, the crash from the sugar buzz the next day kinda sucked. But still – WORTH IT.)

Highly recommended if you can manage to get a table!