Everything I need to know in life I’m learning from The Sims. Seriously. For instance, once you play The Sims a bit you realize that you spend most of your time cleaning up after your characters. If you hire a maid for a mere $10 an hour, though, your life gets incredibly easier. Well, two weeks ago Nick decided that life on Rannoch Road was getting unbearably messy. It’s true; we hadn’t vacuumed in months and the same sticky pots are always sitting by the sink. So Nick went out and hired us an angel. Her name’s Dana, she’s a middle-aged Italian woman, and she’s a gift from God. Friday was her first day and I almost didn’t recognize the house when I walked in. She must’ve been there for six hours. She even cleaned out all the lint behind the dryer. We love our Dana. Our lives are complete now.

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