Reader StatsRIP Google Reader
So yeah, I’m still pretty annoyed about Reader getting canned. But frankly my love for it was never the same after they gutted out all the social features, so I’m not as incandescent with rage as some folks. Just disappointed. In the ensuing Metafilter thread, people started sharing their lifetime stats (which you can see by hitting the “Trends” button in Reader). To my horror, my total was actually sitting on 299,987! So even though I’d decided to find a new service, I still had to scroll through 13 more items so I could hit the magical 300,000+ mark.

Anyway, pretty early on I decided that I was going to test out The Old Reader as a replacement. It was built after the “sharepocalypse” and it’s basically attempting to recreate the Google Reader utopia of four years ago. Of course, their site (along with every other cloud based reader) started getting hammered. I managed to get my import request in and it got processed overnight. Now I’m deleting old dead feeds and reorganising. If you want to follow me over there, my profile is krishoward. Be warned – they’re still slammed and the site is going awfully slow. (They put up a blog post talking about their plans to cope with the influx of new users.) So far so good though!