Gael linked to a fascinating Antiques Roadshow article about Atari games. The last time I played an Atari was New Year’s Eve 1997. I was at my aunt’s house and all the grown-ups were having a jolly time. I wasn’t feeling well though, so I holed up in her guest bedroom and discovered my uncle’s Atari. He seriously had about 30 games, ranging from “Combat” and “Pac-Man” to more obscure titles like “Stampede” and “Kaboom!”. Needless to say, I spent all night in there. Fast-forward about two summers, when my dad calls me to let me know that my aunt is selling the Atari in her annual garage sale. “WHAT?” I scream. I haul ass to her place, only to find that she’s just sold it to some random guy… for ten dollars. She didn’t even realize that it was worth more! I’m still bitter about the whole thing.