Are You Suffering From Decision Fatigue? (Plus What to Do About It) | Mark’s Daily Apple – Wow. This post really resonated with me. I was going to cherry-pick the best bits, but really, it’s all good. I’ve been flat out at work for the past month – dealing with personal dramas, trying to recruit new employees, and playing multi-dimensional chess trying to work out if my team can achieve our deadlines. Even on my best days, I’m just shattered by the time I get home. I’ve got emails sitting in my Inbox that I could deal with but, you know, I just can’t. My brain is all used up. I’ve always known I work better with rules and routine, so I guess the obvious path here is to get back to that. Remove choice from the easy stuff so I preserve my mental capacity for the times I really need it.

Part of me also wonders if this isn’t the reason the Snook tends to defer so many small day-to-day household decisions to me. He’s shifting that cognitive load onto me! Sneaky.