So obviously things have changed slightly around here. I spent a great deal of my four-day weekend in front of my laptop implementing a responsive design across both this site and a new professional site that I launched. For both of them, I used templates from HTML5 UP!. (I realise a template might be cheating/overkill, but it was a great starting point for someone whose CSS and HTML are decidedly rusty.) Along the way I learned heaps about character encoding (and how blog has been effed up in that regard for FIFTEEN YEARS), retina images, parallax scrolling, javascript minification, and lots of other stuff that’s come in since I stopped working as a dev. The blog is getting there. I’m still cleaning up a lot of cruft in the Photos section – about half the pages are still broken – and then I’ve got to tackle the DB itself. (Let’s just say I have a bad habit of typing HTML straight into my blog posts.) Damn, refactoring is addictive though. I’m having trouble stopping to go to bed! I’ve missed this. Make sure you check out the sites on your tablet or smartphone, and tell me if you find anything that looks wonky!