New Poll: In honor of our shopping excursion Saturday, a new poll topic is up. Please give me your opinion on the world of IKEA.
Results from the old poll: Out of 23 respondents, almost half of you (eleven, to be exact) bow down to the god that is hummus. As a fellow addict, I’m right there with you. A further five of you admit that you like hummus but, as Snookums put it, don’t feel the need to “eat it til it comes out your ears.” That’s cool. Four of you haven’t tried it, which is a real shame. (I know at least one of these people is my own mother, who would love the stuff if she gave it a chance.) Two of you seem to have some sort of tastebud-impairment, because you claim to dislike our favorite dip. I urge you to seek medical help right away. And lastly, one person admits that she doesn’t eat things with “tahini” in them. I’ll bet you $20 this was my sister. I totally set that up for her.