I’m so mad I could spit. I thought that I wouldn’t find a dumber review of the film than that last one, and then I came across this. I’m so furious I can’t even begin to… Renee Zellweger weighs AT MOST 130 pounds in this film, and this woman has the NERVE to call her “an alcoholic chipmunk en route from the nougat farm”? Does “Carina Chocano” have any idea what the normal female looks like? We have breasts. We have asses. We look like Bridget. The whole point is that she’s normal but believes that she’s not. And it’s this kind of attitude, “Carina,” that fosters such f-ed up body images in young women. If no one had ever seen Renee Zellweger before this film, you wouldn’t have even thought twice about her weight. Beeatch.