I think the American press is actually more interested in Sophie Rhys-Jones’s comments about the Royal Family than the British are. I mean, I’ve read over what she supposedly said and I pretty much agree with all of it. Tony Blair is very presidential. Cherie Blair is a horrid woman. (An irreverant late-night fake news program portrays her very accurately as an animated frog.) William Hague does look deformed. Nobody would be surprised if Charles married Camilla after the Queen Mum dies. The British don’t care exactly what she said; it’s that she said it at all. The higher your class, the less you talk about yourself. The whole concept of her babbling away to a “sheik” (a disguised tabloid reporter) about sensitive family issues just smacks of the lower classes. As an American, I found this British attitude very difficult to understand at first. Unfortunately I seem to be absorbing it unconsciously… I can’t define the class structure for you, but I can definitely sense when it’s been violated.