I’m still enjoying Mastodon and staying the hell away from Twitter, and it seems like more and more folks are making the switch. If you use AWS and want to follow more folks in the developer community, my colleague Gunnar has curated several lists of employees, Developer Advocates, AWS Heroes, AWS Community Builders, and User Group leaders. Here’s how to get the latest lists and import into your own Mastodon account:

1. Click on the the Actions tab on Gunnar’s Github repo.

Click on the Actions tab

2. Click on the latest workflow, whatever it happens to be.

Click on the latest workflow

3. Scroll down on the page to the artifacts and click on the list to download a Zip file.

Artifacts4. Unzip the file. Then go to the Settings page within your Mastodon instance and select “Import and Export” and then “Import” options.

Importing the list

Leave the Import type to “Following list” and Merge so you don’t overwrite your existing followers list. Then select the list you want to import and hit Upload. Easy peasy!

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