Weasel Football Update: The girls managed a 0-0 tie against BP this week to improve their record to 2-0-2 (I think). The defense remained impressive with multiple sacks and interceptions, but the offense just seemed to stall at crucial times. They’re looking into adding some new plays to shake things up. The Weasels are almost certainly guaranteed a playoff berth now, but they’ve still got one crucial game to go: the Off-Campus Crime this weekend. So, HEY, you Benedict Weasels playing on the OC team… (and YES, Erin Place, I’m looking at you). Just REMEMBER where your true loyalties are, okay? Now I’m not saying you should throw the game or anything. Just think about who you’re lining up against, okay? We all bleed purple underneath. Once a Weasel, always a Weasel… Know what I’m sayin’? 🙂