Remember when Father Garrick resigned over the University’s failure to add sexual orientation to the non-discrimination clause? He wrote to the Observer to give everybody an update on his life. It’s actually really sad; he moved out to L.A. but wasn’t able to find another university job. He resigned from the Congregation of Holy Cross because they wouldn’t offer him an assignment unless he refrained from identifying himself as gay and working for gay civil rights. He now can no longer work with Catholics in regular Catholic settings, because in the Church a priest has no official standing unless he is connected with a religious order or a diocesan bishop. To make ends meet, he worked as a security guard at The Tonight Show for four months. Rev. Garrick is happy to announce, though, that he has a new play opening in California. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? It makes me so angry I could spit. This good man was just trying to help people and stand up for his convictions and as a result his life has been ruined for two years. How can anybody justify this? I try to keep an open mind about Catholicism (especially with regards to this issue), but this… ARRRRGH. I can’t talk about it anymore.