Everybody today’s talkin’ about the third-grader whose race-related science fair experiment was banned. You know what my third-grade science fair project was? The Solar Heated Home of Tomorrow. I got my dad to build me a house out of plywood and cut a big hole in the roof, which I then covered with plastic wrap. Then I taped Ziploc bags full of water to the inside walls. A carefully aimed desk lamp and a stick-on thermometer completed the set-up. No offense to my dad’s excellent craftsmanship, but it was seriously the worst “experiment” ever. The whole thing was just an excuse for me to decorate the house with markers. (But since not many kids even bothered to try, I did get to go to Regionals!) What I’m sayin’ is, this kid actually conceived of a legitimate experiment with a purpose. Why are they censoring her? The school system should be giving her research grants.