Interesting things I have learned recently:

  • USA is the reigning rugby Olympic champion. Seriously! They won the rugby gold medal at the 1920 and 1924 Olympic Games, the last year Rugby was an Olympic sport. I laughed so hard at that I nearly shot beer out my nose.
  • Boudicca, my computer’s namesake, is supposedly buried under Platform 9 at King’s Cross Station. I wonder if JK Rowling knows this.
  • Korea used to be spelled Corea. Many believe the Japanese — who controlled the peninsula four years before officially colonizing it in 1910 — changed the name by the time of the 1908 Olympics in London so that Japan would come ahead in the ordering of athletes. The Snook told me this the other night and I told him that he was full of crap. A little Googling today shows however that there is indeed a movement by the Koreans to change the international spelling of their name before the Athens Olympics. Most sane people think this is ridiculous.

I like to think you’re learning stuff when you visit my site.