I was happy to read this article from The Age about new birth control options for women that lessen or stop menstruation. Finally scientists are starting to realize that most women would be happier not having a period. I’ve been on Depo Provera for over two years now and it’s the Best. Thing. Ever. It’s like being a guy! And for those who are worried about being “unnatural”, it turns out that monthly bleeding isn’t exactly a natural state of events either:

And although it may initially seem unnatural, prolonged amenorrhoea is actually nothing new. An article in the Medical Bulletin of the International Planned Parenthood Federation last summer said, “regular menstruation is not natural: before modern contraception, women spent much of their reproductive lives amenorrhoeic as a consequence of either pregnancy or breastfeeding”.

Plus it’s fun to say and it’s got that cheery little “Amen!” in there. AMEN-ORRHOEA!