DietBlog: At last, the 87-kilo glass floor has been shattered! After weeks of bouncing between 87 and 88, I’ve finally dropped to 86.6. We are closing in on fifteen kilos’ loss, kids!

And to what do I attribute this progress? Merely the fact that I’ve literally been exercising my ass off lately. Last week I worked out six days in a row. SIX! That’s more than I’ve done since high school. I’ve been mixing it up too – boxing, squash, yoga, running, walking. I wasn’t sure I was going to get the loss in the end, since my daily weigh-ins have all been a little higher (and I drank a lot of beer on the weekend). I’ve also been ravenous with all this new energy expenditure. I think my metabolism has finally kicked into gear though, and hopefully it’s gonna stay this way. Eighty-five, here I come!