It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Mostly because I don’t really have anything good to report. As you may have noticed from my “training” history down there on the right, I haven’t been doing much running lately. My stomach still hurts. Yeah, it’s been nearly two months now. The antibiotics have seemingly cleared up the e.coli infection, but I’m still not 100% well. I’m trying to give the Nexium more time to work but it’s depressing not being able to have spicy food, alcohol, or caffeine. (Okay, yeah, I’m cheating on the caffeine a little bit. But I did cut back.) My doctor is quite frankly puzzled by my lack of improvement, and if things don’t get better soon, we move onto the next phase: investigating a possible ulcer. Unfortunately the only way to get an initial diagnosis is to have an endoscopy, where they stick a camera stuck down my throat. (I wonder if they’ll give me the pictures? Talk about naval gazing!) Then if it is the dreaded H. pylori, I go on another antibiotics regiment that is “90% successful.” Yay!

So what’s the upshot of all this? I’ve gained three kilos, which sucks. And we’re committed to running the City 2 Surf this weekend, though I’m not sure if “speed” will be a priority. We’re just hoping to finish sometime ’round about two hours. So all in all, a rather depressing DietBlog. I’m just looking forward to Spring and sunshine and being well.