I got some new shoes! This morning the Snook and I caught a bus to Rozelle so I could go to Running Science. My physio had recommended the place, and even given me a referral voucher for 10% off. When I got there, the staff had me take off my shoes and socks and walk barefoot on their treadmill. (I was a little intimidated by this part. I kept waiting for him to go: “Boy, you walk FUNNY!”) A video camera was positioned behind me pointed straight at my feet, so the monitor above showed exactly where I was striking and how far I was rolling with each step. I was happy to learn that I have fairly neutral pronation, which was backed up by the wear pattern on my old shoes. My left foot rolls in a tiny bit more than the right, but other than that I was fine. To him, this indicated that my shin splints aren’t really due to any mechanical problem other than too much running in very deflated shoes! He brought me out two pairs of shoes (New Balance and Brooks) to try that both offered moderate stability. I walked around and ran on the treadmill in both pairs, and they both felt great. In the end I went with the New Balance, just because they seem to inspire greater devotion on the running blogs and podcasts I listen to. They’re New Balance 1224s, and I’m wearing them around the house now to break them in. I also picked up a couple new technical T-shirts (half off! only $20!) and a stick of Body Glide. Today will be my third day off running, and I’ll go for an easy jog tomorrow and see how I feel.