Much better! I felt like I probably could’ve done a fourth day this week, but I didn’t want to push it too hard given that I need to make up some distance on my long runs. I did a 4:1 run/walk ratio on my long one Saturday to force myself to hold back. I started to feel a bit crampy in my calves at the end, but I think I need to up the salts in my diet. (I’m eating fairly low-carb at the moment.) I had an ice bath afterwards, which helped a bit.

This week: 16.2km (10mi)
Last week: 9.5km (6mi)

See, this is where the 10% rule bites me in the butt. Because I wouldn’t have such a big jump if I hadn’t taken days off for injury/illness. If you’re forced to skip a long run, that doesn’t mean you have to drop all the way back to 10% + your previous milage, does it? I’m guessing not, since most training programs incorporate recovery weeks and then resume where they left off afterwards. So I’ve been thinking of the past couple weeks as “recovery time” and trusting that I can get back on schedule.