Chippendale Planting & Gardening Day: Sat 24 October
News from Michael Mobbs:

Sydney Council has kindly given us plants to plant as part of the Food for the Future Fair on 24 October. And council has given us mulch to protect the trees we’ve planted. At 3 pm, after the bales of mulch serve their purpose as seats during the fair we’ll pick them up in a ute and take them to Rose,
Shepherd, Myrtle and Pine and Balfour to put around the trees and plants.

Some plants are to replace those which have been vandalised, stolen or died in Rose, Shepherd, Myrtle and Pine. Others are to go in a new productive garden bed at the southern end of Balfour beside Cleveland. Plants include: Midginberry, citrus, lemon grass, strawberry, grevillea, hakea and others.

If you want plants to put in and maintain in front of your place please either email me or drop this note back to my place with your name, address and email so I can hold plants for you to pick up on Saturday.

There’s more information on the provided PDF. I’ll be working the knitting guild stand at the Fair most of the day, but I’m going to try to get down there if I can!

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