My base training continues. Using a heart rate monitor has definitely made a big difference in my runs. I don’t worry so much about running the whole distance without stopping; I just try to maintain a consistent level of effort the whole time. If my heart rate maxes out trying to run up a hill on a hot day, it’s better to walk it and stay within my target zone. Along those lines, I’m also noticing what a dramatic difference the weather makes. On a hot or humid day, I have to be vigilant about slowing down or my pulse skyrockets. On a cool breezy evening (like last night) I can run along at a decent clip without breaking 140bpm. Anyway, here are the weekly totals for the past month:

Nov 23: 21.5km (13.35mi)
Nov 30: 23km (14.2mi)
Dec 7: 24.5km (15.2mi)
Dec 14: 26km (16mi)

According to my Buildup Schedule, this week (week 4) will be a recovery week of only 20km. Looking forward to it. My lower back was bothering me a little last night, and overall my legs are feeling a little tight and tired. I was amused to note that I’m actually getting a small callus on the ball of each food. Hey, I guess that’s proof that I’m a forefoot runner now!