Week 4
It was a weird week. It’s been hot and humid, and I’m still having trouble keeping my heart rate down. On Sunday, my HR was all over the place and I actually found myself getting irrationally angry about it. In retrospect it was actually kind of funny. (Gritting my teeth in anger doesn’t do much to calm down the ol’ HR!) I’m having a bit of shoe trouble though. I looked down at my Newtons the other day and realised that the outer lugs on each foot have worn completely down on the front! I got them at the end of August, and my total mileage in that time is just over 200 miles (325km). Is that normal? On one hand it’s clear proof that I’m landing in the right spot (as are the calluses on the balls of my feet). But on the other hand, these are pretty expensive shoes, and I can’t afford multiple pairs per year. I tweeted about it to sirisaac but they didn’t respond. I’m guessing it’s partly because I actually have racers, as opposed to trainers. (The racers had a big discount when I bought.) Can anybody comment on the longetivity of their Newtons?

Anyway, the weekly totals…

Jan 22: 5.56km
Jan 24: 7.13km
Jan 26: 5.61km
Jan 28: 5.44km
Total this week: 23.74km (14.8mi) – same as last week!
Total in 2010: 92.4km (57.75mi)

I’ve got quite a cushion built-up in my quest to run 1000kms in 2010. I haven’t missed a run yet in January!