Week 6
I’ve backed off a little bit this week. When I was doing my run on Sunday, I noticed I was having some problems with my right foot. It just felt a little “dead,” you know? Like it was heavier than normal and not as springy. Tired. Like how your foot feels after you’ve been walking around DisneyWorld all day. On Monday I had a wicked hard workout at Spudds. I took Tuesday off as I had to fit in an appointment with my allergy specialist. On Wednesday I went for my usual run, but the problems with my right foot were still there. Now I could feel a distinct dull ache on the inside of the ball of my foot, near the arch. I ended up walking the last 1.5km of the run. I did my Spudds workout at lunchtime and it felt fine (except when running uphill). Wednesday night I iced it, and I took today off to rest. I don’t think it’s Plantar fasciitis since I don’t have any heel pain. It could be just a strained muscle in my foot. I’m going to ice it again tonight, and I’ll do an easy run tomorrow morning to test it. I’m booked in to see a sports physician Friday night just to make sure it’s okay. At any rate, slightly lower totals this week…

Feb 5: 5.62km
Feb 7: 6.65km
Feb 10: 6.00km
Total this week: 18.27km (11.4mi)
Total in 2010: 134.7km (81.2mi)

This is the first week where I didn’t run the 19.2km I need to average to meet my 1000km challenge. This is where having that cushion comes in handy. I’m still 19km ahead of schedule!

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