Have I mentioned Toodledo before? This is my preferred task manager (i.e. “To Do list”). I used to use Remember the Milk, but I balked at their $25/year subscription fee to use it on my iPhone. Toodledo has a version that’s completely free, and you can get the iPhone app for less than $5. All your tasks are synced to the Toodledo website, meaning you can access them wherever you are. They’ve also got loads of other ways to access your list: a Firefox add-on, Twitter integration, Google gadgets, iCal feeds, and various solutions for Android, Windows, and Palm devices. I’ve been using it for well over a year now, and I absolutely love it. So why bring it up now? A few days ago I noticed on the website that I’d been upgraded to a Pro subscription for three months! This normally only happens if you give out your referral link and somebody uses it to register for a Pro account. I’ve asked around and nobody is willing to own up to it. So whoever you are, thank you! It actually prompted me to purchase an additional year’s upgrade since I like the app so much.