GGR Podcast Review
I have to say, Elma’s review of my podcast made me laugh and laugh. “It’s great, she warbles on about knitting and her contraceptive implant and leeches before getting around to any running talk…” Just about sums it up, really!

Which reminds me – Elma also emailed to say she was having trouble seeing my previous episodes in iTunes. So I did some investigating and found out that my RSS feed was only showing episodes for the past 30 days. Whoops! I’ve fixed it up now. So if you need to get any back episodes, you should be able to find them in iTunes. If it doesn’t auto-update, just right-click on the podcast title and tell it to “Update podcast” or “Show all episodes.” You’ll see ’em.

And hey, maybe I could even, you know, record a new show this week? I’ll give it a shot. šŸ™‚