Week 34
Things are slowly improving. I still feel sore and tired, but my pace is getting better. I went for a long run Sunday night and did 5:1 run/walk the whole way. My right foot was bothering more than usual. (I’ve ordered some new shoes to see if that helps.) My training plan has me doing 5 miles on my morning runs, but I backed off that a little. I just need to get my legs used to running on concrete again, I guess.

Aug. 22: 11.22km
Aug. 25: 7.03km
Aug. 27: 5.50km
Total this week: 23.75km (14.8mi)
Total in 2010: 628.82km (393mi)

I’ve clawed back a little ground in my goal to run 1000km in 2010. I’m still about 25km behind pace though…