Week 37
I left this a bit late… because the big race is tomorrow! I’m just about ready to go. Thankfully my cold passed within a week without too much drama, and it never moved into my lungs. (I credit several “hot whiskeys” from a sympathetic barman last weekend.) I’ve had massages each of the last two weeks in an attempt to deal with my continuing lower back and hip soreness. I even went to yoga on Monday! (Surprisingly brutal.) Last weekend I went for an experimental 3:1 run/walk and found that my pace was close to 7:00/km, which is way faster than I was doing at 5:1. So that’s the plan for the race now, a 3:1 run/walk for as long as I can sustain it. I need to average 7:49/km for the first 16km or risk getting pulled from the course. Shouldn’t be too hard. If anything, I’m probably a bit undertrained for this – my LSR topped out at around 15K – but that’s pretty much a reaction to how overtrained I was before the May race. My new Asics have been helping with my foot, and I plan on slathering on some anti-inflammatories before the start. My biggest worry is this back pain, and whether I’ve done enough to keep it at bay. We’ll see in less than 12 hours!

Sept. 12: 7.67km
Sept. 14: 5.4km
Sept. 17: 5.45km
Total this week: 18.52km (11.5mi)
Total in 2010: 692.72km (433mi)

To meet my goal of running 1000km in 2010, I should be at 711.5km. That leaves me about 19km behind schedule. I should make a big dent in that this week though. 🙂