Geek Girl Runner Episode 010
We’ve hit double digits folks! Episode 10 of the GGR podcast includes an ode to my Mom, my Blackmore’s Half-Marathon race report, a training update, emails and shout-outs (including a race report from John Minter, as read by Special Guest Star Snook), a little bit more about sports bras, and information about the Sydney get-together for the Worldwide Festival of Races. I hope you like it!

Show links:
My half-marathon race report
Photos of my 13.1 medal from Dan Clark and me on the race course
Running the Golden Years – Dan Clark’s podcast
Corso La Meta – home of JayDub’s B-HAG Running podcast
Run4Fun 10K on November 10
Lululemon Sports Bras including the Ta Ta Tamer
Sydney WWFoR Unofficial Get-Together
Worldwide Festival of Races
Runners Round Table podcast

Thanks as usual to Nick Arthur for the use of his song “Little Donut Party”!