Week 51
Well, this is it, folks. One week left to go and we are coming right down to the wire. I ran three times this week, including a stint on the treadmill at Spudds on Wednesday. The legs are holding up okay. I’ve been doing 3:1 run/walk every single time and slathering on Nurofen gel. That seems to help.

Dec. 19: 10.12km
Dec. 21: 8.29km
Dec. 22: 5.00km
Total this week: 23.41km (14.6mi)
Total in 2010: 975.4km (609.6mi)

Today the Snook and I went for a Christmas run together and knocked off another 6.44km. That means to meet my goal of running 1000km in 2010, I still need to do 18.16km in the next 6 days. Totally achievable! I AM GOING TO DO THIS.