Week 12
Another cutback week, and a very short one at that. I took last weekend off to try to treat my pulled hamstring. I massaged in anti-inflammatory gel a couple of times a day and iced it every few hours. Saturday I went out to the Sydney Running Centre in Edgecliff to get some new shoes. My podiatrist advised me to get a “neutral” shoe to work with my new orthotics. The staff at SRC were great, and I ended up going with Mizuno Wave Rider 14‘s. (They only had my size in the men’s, so I got those tomorrow grey and green ones!) On Monday I was determined to try out my shoes, so I went out for an 8K in the morning before work. Halfway through the heavens opened and it bucketed. I was drenched; I was sore; I was miserable. Seriously, what a crap run. Wednesday was a Spudds class at lunch, where I kicked some ass with 102m and 100m on the rower. Thursday I did another run in the morning before work. I would have liked to have gotten another in, but I just ran out of time. And as Hal Higdon tweeted yesterday, you really shouldn’t try and make up lost mileage. It’s gone! My legs need the rest anyway.

Mar. 21: 8.33km
Mar. 24: 6.35km
Total this week: 14.68km (9.2mi)
Total in 2011: 280.44km (175.2mi)

In order to meet my goal of running 1100km in 2011, I should be at 253.8km right now. So I’ve still got nearly 30km of cushion! I’ve got one more cutback week before my next long run: 32km. I’m getting excited for it…

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