Running Music
I got an email from Jimmi asking: “Have you ever shared your running playlist? I have just started training and I’m not sure what music to use.” Here’s my reply:

Hi Jimmi! Nowadays I mostly listen to running podcasts, actually. My favourites
at the moment are:

B-HAG Running Podcast
Running with the Pack
Running the Golden Years
You Don’t Have to Run Alone
Slow Runners Club

When I was first starting out and doing Couch to 5K, I loved Robert Ullrey’s podcasts for it. They’re mostly just dance music, but the intervals are built in so you know whether you’re meant to be running or walking. It was really helpful.

If you prefer music to talking when you run, Podrunner is a great show. The DJ
organises each show around a specific “beats-per-minute”, so you can find out exactly which tempo you like to run to.

I hope that helps!