Week 13
I’m still having some hamstring issues. This is my last cutback week before the 20-miler on Sunday, so I’m trying to rest it as much as I can. Sunday night I went out for a 10K and recorded my best “Magic Mile” time yet: 9:49! Monday night I had an hour-long massage focusing on my legs and butt, and it was pretty brutal. Tuesday I did an easy run at lunchtime just to try to shake out the soreness from the massage. Wednesday was my Spudds class, where I had a good workout. Today I’ve got the day off work, so I decided to turn my normal Friday run into a brisk walk to Newtown and back (to save my legs for Sunday). I’m still counting it in my mileage though. 🙂

Mar. 27: 9.74km
Mar. 29: 5.01km
Apr. 1: 5.32km
Total this week: 20.07km (12.5mi)
Total in 2011: 300.51km (187.8mi)

To meet my goal of running 1100km in 2011, I should be at 275km right now. That leaves me with about 25km worth of cushion.

This Sunday will be my longest run ever: 20 miles (32km). I’m actually looking forward to it. I have my route planned out. I have a few friends who’ve volunteered to run parts of it with me. I’ve got Endurolytes, energy gels, a Mophie Juice Pack Air to extend my iPhone battery, and a new SPIbelt to carry it all in. LET’S DO THIS.

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