Week 16
The week started out crappy – what with my mystery cheek infection and being on antibiotics and all – but slowly got better. Sunday I went out for a six-miler with the Snook, with a planned “Magic Mile” time trial for the second mile. We pushed hard and I felt like I was going to barf or explode by the end of it. I was thrilled to see our time was 9:46! Using Galloway’s Race Predictor and our average times for the past 3 MMs, that gives me a predicted marathon finish time of 5:39:28. Sweet! Monday I was wiped out so I rested. Tuesday I went out for an easy lunchtime run, and Wednesday I did a Spudds workout. Now we’re on a 5-day Easter/ANZAC day holiday long weekend, so the Snook went with me today for a run to Glebe. My hamstring still isn’t great, but I’m hoping it’ll hold up for Sunday’s long, long one!

Apr. 17: 9.67km
Apr. 19: 5.52km
Apr. 22: 5.80km
Total this week: 20.99km (13.1mi)
Total in 2011: 380.21km (237.6mi)

In order to meet my goal of running 1100km in 2011, I should be at 338.5km right now. So I’ve still got more than 40km worth of cushion. Only 7 weeks to go!