Week 24
As you all know, I DID IT. After the marathon on Sunday, we were pretty much stuck indoors at the Snook’s parents’ place while the entire coast was flooded with rain. The Pacific Highway is closed, but we managed to get to the New England Highway yesterday and drive home. (That little detour added nearly 4 hours to the trip!) I had planned to do a recovery run on Tuesday, but it was just impossible in the wet. Do you know that LEECHES come out in the rain up there? Ugh. So my first post-marathon run was an easy one today to Newtown. My hips are tight, but otherwise I feel okay*. I’ve got a bunch more races planned for the winter and spring… Bring it on!

May 12: 42.56km
May 17: 4.3km
Total this week: 46.85km (29.3mi)
Total in 2011: 629.74km (393.6mi)

To meet my goal of running 1200km in 2011, I should be at 553.8km. So I’ve still got quite a healthy cushion there!

* My right big toenail is still hanging in there. It’s been sore and red looking, so I went to give it a trim before today’s run. It turns out there’s a blister underneath the nail, and when I trimmed it, I accidentally popped the blister. IT SQUIRTED. The less we talk of it, the better.