Week 29
What a dreary, crappy week of weather we’ve had! Sunday the Snook and I went for a short run (cutback week) with a Magic Mile in the middle. I’m thrilled to report we did it in 9:24! I have definitely gained some speed in the past few months. I added an extra bit to the run to take it to 7km in total. Monday I was meant to give blood so I didn’t bring any workout gear… only to have the Red Cross stab me twice without getting a decent vein. Damn. I ran on Tuesday at lunch, then had a Spudds workout on Wednesday. I felt kinda crappy and ill during Spudds, but I’m fine now so it must not have been anything serious. Today I went for another run in the pouring rain with my friend Raj. We’re tough!

July 17: 7.09km
July 19: 5.62km
July 22: 5.52km
Total this week: 18.23km (11.4mi)
Total in 2011: 704.45km (440mi)

To meet my goal of running 1200km in 2011, I should be at 669km this week. So I’m still ahead of the pace! My ankle is still not 100%, but it’s better. I’m looking forward to our scheduled 15km long run this Sunday. It’ll be the longest run the Snook’s ever done!