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Did I mention that this weblog is now All About Me? Good. Here, look at my pictures from EuroDisney. Perhaps you’ll be more inclined to leave comments about them than my witty and incisive Notre Dame commentary.


DISCUSSION TOPIC: We all listen to music at work/school. (Well, maybe not Lizzie, since she’s a teacher and all.) What’s your favorite song to play in the background while you get shit done? I’m gonna cast my vote here for “Islands in the Stream” by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. Don’t laugh! It always puts me in a contemplative, productive sort of mood.

Vote vote vote!

Tourney of Traditions Update: We’re currently losing to Texas A&M 58% to 42%. Vote, vote, vote!

Good luck, Urban

It appears that one of Notre Dame’s assistant coaches, Urban Meyer (what a name!), has been hired to coach at Bowling Green. Bob wishes him good luck.


Salon ran a contest that asked readers to submit first-person accounts of their dreams about celebrities. Hey Lizzie! You shoulda written up that Brad Pitt one! 🙂

Dorm Wars

Remember when they did “Dorm Wars” in the Keenan Revue and PW appeared as a Purple Wookie? This article about the long lost Star Wars Christmas Special reminded me of that.

The Simpsons

The 50 Greatest Moments in Simpsons History. Dig the screenshots too. 🙂

Dawson + MBTV

What’s the greatest thing in the world? Downloading new episodes of Dawson’s Creek and watching them at your desk. And then going to Mighty Big TV and reading the hilariously snarky reviews.

The verdict

The University hands out its punishment for the “Finnigan’s incident”: $100 fines charged to the students’ accounts.


I hate the University of North Carolina.