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Transform the SF Clipper Card Into a Wearable

Tired of bulking up your wallet with several different credit cards, id cards, and transit cards? We found out a way to extract the key functional components from the Clipper Card, and mold it into a variety of wearable devices, including a small rubber plate, a waterproof aspirin band, and a breadboard bracelet.

Source: Transform the SF Clipper Card Into a Wearable: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

Ooh, that’s very cool! I wonder if it’d work with an Opal card??

Emission Spectra Scarves

In some versions of my “Knit One, Compute One” talk, I mention the Emission Spectra scarves that Becky Stern made back in 2010. Becky’s blog post links to PDF patterns for some common elements as well as an online pattern generator, but unfortunately these are all gone now. (Link rot, how I hate you.) However, to the rescue! Their 2015 snapshot of the post has captured the PDFs so you can still access them. Tungsten is definitely my favourite!

Tungsten Emission Spectrum Scarf

More photos available at Becky Stern’s Flickr photoset

Knit One, Compute One

Folks, I have now given versions of this talk twenty-one times. I reckon it’s about time to retire it, yes? Thankfully, the folks at Zendesk’s Software Art Thou meetup produced a wonderful video of the version I did last month in Melbourne, which is pretty much the “canonical” long version:

If you prefer the 5-minute taster, then the one I did at TEDx Melbourne last year is still the gold standard:

Marimekko’s pattern of progressive design – Curbed

Things I learned from this profile of Marimekko:

  • Marimekko is Finnish for “Mary’s Dress.”
  • The company is 94% female!
  • Their factory in Helsinki has a shop next door that sells discounted seconds with printing errors. 😳
  • As part of the company’s turnaround in the 90’s, the new CEO gave individual designers profit responsibility on their designs. Giving decision-making authority to the people doing the work seems to pay off whether in tech or in textiles!
  • “Early on, when Isola was making many of the company’s famous patterns by transferring her paintings to fabric, she would test them out in black and white before thinking about colors.” Good tip to keep in mind for my next sewing/knitting projects.

“When you see a colorway, you just know whether it’s Marimekko or not.” – Yep. I was lucky enough to score a pair of Marimekko Converse when I was in the US a few years back. They always draw compliments!

Daring Fireball: The Swiss Watch Industry Should Double Down on Mechanical Watches

Instead of getting into the computer business, traditional watch companies should focus on what they’ve always done: designing and making great mechanical watches — creating a breath of analog fresh air in an ever-more digitized world.

Source: Daring Fireball: The Swiss Watch Industry Should Double Down on Mechanical Watches

I totally agree! Rather than get a smartwatch, I celebrated my 40th birthday by buying myself an honest-to-goodness grown-up mechanical Swiss watch from Longines. It’s a beautiful work of art and engineering, and it’ll last me decades.

Bourdain on Money

Anthony Bourdain Does Not Want to Owe Anybody Even a Single Dollar | Wealthsimple

Nice overview of Bourdain’s approach to money. I like that he never really talks about retiring. I get the impression that he’s doing what he loves and it funds his lifestyle, and that’s good enough for him. That appeals to me.

I also found it interesting that writing books is the least lucrative of his activities. Turns out that corporate and promotional events is really where it’s at. Hmmm…

And lastly:

A friend said, “You live outside the country more than half of the year. Create a bogus residence in the Caymans and pay no U.S. taxes.” I’d feel like a shit doing that. I’m an American. I don’t want to be that guy. I don’t want to have those kinds of conversations.

Good on ya, Anthony. 👏


Squirrel Stuffed Toy PDF – Grainline Studio – Super cute little pattern. Very tempted. I think I’ve even got the materials to make it!

Two-Handed Fairisle (Flat)

I’m stuck in the house sick with a cold, so I decided to shoot a quick video of the technique I’m using for my current knitting project.

Talk videos!

I’ve been a bit remiss in sharing some of the talks I’ve been doing lately. Prepare to be bombarded!

This first one was “My Website Is Old Enough to Vote” from WordCamp Sydney back in September. I spoke about my twenty-year-old website (, the early days of the web, and how I did a complete rebuild of the site recently on WordPress. (The slides aren’t interspersed in the video so it’s a bit hard to follow, but you can see them separately online here.)

Next up was “Knit One, Compute One” at 2017 in Hobart last month. This builds upon my “Granny was a Hacker” lightning talk and details the connections between knitting and computing and some of the interesting knitting-related projects happening in Open Source software.

Last is “Traversing the Org Chart” from last week’s meetup in Sydney. This talk is about the skills you need to go from a hands-on individual contributor to a people manager, as well as the pros/cons of working in a flat, manager-less organisation.

YOW! 2016 Interview

That brings me one step closer to having my own talk show. 😂