Month: October 2000 (page 1 of 12)

Slow news day

This is the weakest excuse for news reporting I’ve ever seen. “Chelsea Clinton may attend Oxford.” Apparently Chelsea and her mom were in a jewelry store when the owner asked what she’s going to do after Stanford. She said she wasn’t sure, but she had a few ideas, including possibly studying economics at Oxford. Okay, two things: 1) Big whoop. Who cares. 2) This doesn’t mean she’s seriously going to attend Oxford. When I was a senior I said random shit like that all the time. *sigh*

ND Football

This analyst from ESPN says ND’s in a good position to qualify for a BCS game. Sweet.

ND Football

Nice. We’re higher on the Bowl Championship Series rankings than we are on the AP and Coaches’ Polls!

The ghosts of Washington Hall

Happy Halloween! Here’s an Observer article about the ghosts of Washington Hall. Having spent a good portion of my college years in that building doing plays, I think most of this is crap. I’ve never heard any damn trumpets. But the George Gipp thing is freaky… Skip down to the quotes from Roger, who cleans the building. He’s a cool guy and he told me about seeing the ghost before. I totally believe him too. That place is kinda scary at night. (Lizzie, didn’t you climb in an open window there one Halloween night?)

Well done, girls.

Weasel Football News: OH NO! The Observer is reporting that the Weasels lost to Walsh 25-18 in triple overtime. DAMN. Hey, girls, it was a great season. We’re so proud of you! We’ll get ’em next year. 🙂

Oh nooooo

Oh no. A grad from the class of 2000 was hit by a drunk driver on Edison as she walked home from the ‘Backer the other night.


Channel 16 is doing a local version of Survivor in South Bend. I think this is a sign of the Apocalypse. Anybody else?

Go Liz and Court!

Liz and Court win big at game show! Seriously! Lizzie (McKillop) and Courtney (Blum) went on “Who Knows You Best?” the other day and came out as the big winners! Of course, as Kel points out, the show itself looks like it sucks major ass (our friends’ victory notwithstanding). Some of McMahon’s best quotes: “they’re all like: this show demonstrates the BEAUTY of female friendship… MY ASS.” and regarding the message board on the website: “half of the people are like, PLEASE show the golden girls! and take this god-awful show away!” But congrats to the big winners anyway! 🙂


I love Roger Ebert. It’s true. I visit his site every Friday to read the new movie reviews, even though it’ll be six months before any of them come out in London. I love his “Answer Man” section where he answers movie questions readers send in. And his “Great Movies” essays remind me why I wanted to be a film major in the first place. I can’t really explain why I like the guy; I guess it’s because I tend to agree with him a lot. It just seems like we’d be friends, you know? Anyway, I’ve often caught myself wishing that I knew what “Eeb” (that’s what I call him in my mind; yes, I’m a freak) thinks about music or politics or television or sports, etc. Every now and then he posts a special essay on his website that does just that. The latest one is all about the Presidential election and why, in his mind, George Bush is an idiot. Did I mention that I love Roger Ebert? 🙂

Interhall Football

This is a great Scholastic article about ND’s Interhall Football Program. I still think they should let girls hit harder though.