Month: January 2001 (page 1 of 16) apparently unveiled a new design for their home page sometime during the last month. I like it, but I wish they’d move all the interior pages over to the new format.

I just suddenly remembered the craziest dream I had last night. The Weasels (including me) were playing interhall football against Siegfried (who are now male, in case any alumnae don’t know) in my high school gym. The stands were full and there was a solid division down the middle between the sea of purple on the left and the sea of red on the right. (Are Siegfried red? I have no clue.) Anyway, the Weasels were winning 20-7 and the crowd was going nuts. Our side kept repeating this cheer that went something like, “We are the Weasels, and you can kiss our ass! Yes, you can kiss our ass!” Lizzie was quarterbacking and the Siegfried defense had pushed us back to one corner of the gym floor, and our backs were literally against the wall. So we were huddled up trying to figure out a play to call. I was in favor of a Quarterback Draw (or as we used to call it, “Get the Fuck Out”) where the line would push everybody to the left and Lizzie would scamper down the sideline (i.e. the front of the bleachers). But we were also debating whether we could protect her long enough to throw a long bomb down the floor to Kel, who then needed to scamper to the out-of-bounds line to score the touchdown. Faced with this quandry… I woke up.

The Observer officially sucks today and I refuse to link to a single article. And they didn’t print my letter yet. Bastards.

Matt at Scrubbles links to an excellent article by Christopher Kelly of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about the “herd mentality” of most movie critics when it comes to picking the best films of the year. After reading it I immediately went back to read Ebert’s Top Ten list, and I was disappointed to see that his choices mostly lined up with everybody else’s. He does mention some more obscure and interesting titles in his “Special Jury Prizes” and “Honorable Mentions,” though. I still like the Eeb… His taste in film, while perhaps sometimes pedestrian, is very similar to my own and I always enjoy his sense of humor, especially in his Movie Answer Man column.

Brigita found a kickass website from the “Society of Kabalarians” that purports to analyze the influence of your first name. I ran my name through it, and the report it generated seems amazingly accurate. It even guesses in what kind of ailments your stress manifests itself! (For the record, mine is and has always been the stomach.)

Remember that Republican ex-boyfriend I mentioned? In a stunning example of Conservative smugness, waste, excess, and hubris, he spent nine dollars Fed Ex-ing me a stack of pro-Bush articles he printed off the Internet. In color. All the way to London. And he prefaced it with the letter he received from Jeb Bush thanking him for his support. Can you believe that? (Don’t worry, Mark. Liberals like me are usually very forgiving, so you may be able to atone for this crime someday.)

Praise Jesus! Matt Ashford returns as Jack Devereaux on Days of Our Lives February 5th. I haven’t been a fan of recent storylines, but bringing back the One True Jack could very well change all that. (The One True Jennifer‘s been back for a while now.) If you’re not a fan, you can’t possibly appreciate the significance of bringing back one of the most popular daytime supercouples of the 80’s. The banter, the adventures, the romance… You know, they remind me a lot of Joey and Pacey, but without all the psycho-babble.

Since I missed the Superbowl (I think France is the last place on Earth one could expect to find such an American spectacle), I’ve been reading reviews of the commercials on the Internet and watching them on Adcritic. So far I think the funniest part have been the repeated slams on Andersen Consulting Accenture. My friend Kel works there, and I have to kid her about the completely cheesy name. And what is that “>” above the “t”? You can’t even reproduce that in HTML! I went to their corporate site, and the only place they properly spell their own name is in the gif image on the front page! I also found a story on Slate in which Rob Walker details the story behind the name switch and the split with Arthur Andersen. *snicker* Ah, bitchy I.T. gossip. I love it.

This editorial from my alma mater’s newspaper about President Clinton made me so angry that I actually wrote a letter to the editor for the first time in my life. I’ll let you know if it gets published.

This editorial about Clinton made me so mad that I actually wrote a letter to the Observer editor. I’ll let you know if it gets published.