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Palin: Worse than the Parody

Holy crap. I didn’t realize that Tina Fey’s parody of Sarah Palin’s interview – the part where she spewed random, nonsensical talking points about the bailout – was actually a WORD-FOR-WORD QUOTE.


Not a good weekend. I just had no energy, and I had a tension headache the entire time. I had plans to do a long run but instead I got stuck on the Couch of Doom. I don’t know. I suppose it’s easy to try to justify it by claiming I was overtraining and needed the break, but to be honest, I think it was just lethargy, dehydration, and laziness.

Week 12 distance (SICK): 6mi (10km)
Week 13 distance (SICK): 12mi (20km)
Week 14 distance (LAZY): 7.5mi (12km)

I went out for a run this morning to try to get back on track… and I still felt sluggish. Maybe I stretched out my preparations too long. Maybe I peaked too early. Maybe I’m just getting bored waiting for Race Weekend to finally arrive. I just haven’t had any great-feeling runs for several weeks now, and it’s hard to get inspired to get back out there.

Harley Rocker

ZOMG. My nephew Isaiah needs this.

Overseas Voting Deadlines

If you’re an American living overseas and you haven’t registered to vote yet, you need to do it NOW. Deadlines are looming in a lot of states. And don’t feel stupid if you don’t know what to do. (I’ve had a couple emails from people asking about the process.) Go to the Federal Voting Assistance Program and check out their information for Absentee Voting for Overseas Citizens. Or if you want something even simpler, go to Vote From Abroad and follow their online wizard. It’ll generate a PDF for you to send in with all the relevant instructions. NOW GET GOING, THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Weekend Update

Job news: On Friday I was officially welcomed to my first meeting as part of the Product Management team. Nice! (I’m still technically a Software Engineer half of the week.) I’ve been helping out to finish a lot of specifications (use case diagrams, wireframes, etc), which means I actually get to use the stuff I learned in my training course this month. It’s very exciting! Friday afternoon we had an Oktoberfest party that involved kegs of beer from Löwenbrau, oom-pah music, and managers dressed in lederhösen. Yeah. Those liter steins of beer are why I didn’t post for 48 hours…

Monteagle Bag

Monteagle BagMonteagle Bag
I saw the Monteagle Bag on Mason-Dixon two weeks ago and immediately downloaded the free pattern PDF. Then I filed it away in my brain and forgot about it. Last weekend, when I was supposed to be tidying up the house but really was procrastinating by digging around in my knitting wool, I found a single skein of Louet Euroflax linen. (I won it in the Knitty Calendar Contest a couple years back.) “Now why does that yarn ring a bell suddenly…?” Oh right! It’s the one they used for the bag! I got to work.

My linen is actually the worsted weight, which is twice as thick as the one in the pattern. No matter, it works just fine. It’s just a lot sturdier. I used 6mm needles and managed to get one bag out of the 100g skein with a few meters to spare. The pattern is really ingenious, and I enjoyed figuring out how to do the new stitches. My bag didn’t turn out quite as tall as theirs, so I added a few additional rows at the top to lengthen it. I made the strap long so it could be slung diagonally across the body. I “blocked” it by hanging it up overnight with a dictionary inside to stretch it out. It’s a great little project! (More details are on Ravelry, and there’s a closeup after the jump.)Monteagle Bag

Creepy Snakes

Awesome Halloween ideas from Martha Stewart: Creepy Snakes, Candy Wreath, Rotten Eggs and Centipedes, Devilish Eggs, Squash Leaf Canapes.

Bridge Run Finish

The Finish Line video of the Bridge Run is now available! I wore a red shirt and a blue baseball cap, and I come right up the middle here (towards the end). I raise my arms just as I cross the finish line. I’ll put the Snook’s video after the jump if you’re interested…

He pops up at the end on the right side wearing a red cap and a green fleece vest over his T-shirt.


Ha! I just watched the second Twilight teaser trailer and suddenly realized that evil James is Volchok! The evil surfer who killed Marissa on The O.C.! THAT’S AWESOME. (Hm. I wonder if Bella will be as annoying as Marissa. Quite possibly.)

World Flip Cup Championship

Duuuuuuuuuuude! The World’s Largest Flip Cup Tournament will be taking place in New York next month. If I were in the US, I would absolutely be trying to talk Kel, Crawf, Pants, and RT into entering. AND WE’D WIN.