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It has started.

moblogged imageIt has started.
Snookums arrived at the 8-hour mark with the needed provisions (beer
and pants). We ended up with 14 people in total, despite a LOT of

Knitting Camp at the Opera

moblogged imageKnitting Camp at the Opera
Andrew, Tia and I have set up camp in the Domain! It’s sweltering. We
are cowering in the shade.

Opera in the Domain

It’s time for Opera in the Domain again! I’m getting packed to head out and sit in a treeless park all day long with a bunch of knitters. Current temperature: about 80F, set to rise even further. I’m prepared.

Lilly Ledbetter and Michelle Obama

Remember when I blogged about the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act? The bill has been passed and Obama has signed it. I just found video of Michelle Obama introducing Lilly at a reception after the signing. I just love it. Lilly sounds like my Grandma. I teared up a little bit.

Another payout.

Yikes. Uh, I don’t work there.

iPhone Rubik’s Cube Solver

iPhone Rubik’s Cube Solver. That is so NEAT! And I don’t mean because it allows you to “cheat” on the puzzle. I’m just in awe of the computational wizardry involved in taking six pictures of colored squares, extrapolating a 3D shape from that, applying an algorithm to solve the thing, and feeding it back to the person in simple steps. SO TOMORROW!

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. I think I might need to get that. It can’t be any worse than Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife.

Barney’s to be resurrected?

An application has finally been lodged for the redevelopment of St. Barnabas Church on Broadway (which burned down three years ago), and all anybody wants to know is whether the signs will be back. I certainly hope so!

Custom iPhone Ringtones

Neat! I managed to make a custom iPhone ringtone this morning, and now I feel pretty confident that I’m the only person in the world whose phone plays the bridge from “Flowers of Guatemala” when she gets a call.

Softwear by Microsoft

I’m in total agreement with Gruber here: Softwear by Microsoft is COOL. I would totally wear that “Albuquerque” shirt.