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Kimchi Pork Belly Pizza

Kimchi Pork Belly Pizza. *drool*

I’m in a song.

“Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?” Just fine, actually. Why do you ask?

The Swallow’s Treasure

The Swallow’s Treasure
This is the second of the three necklaces I bought in the Etsy Bushfire Appeal Shop two weeks ago. (Here’s the first one.) This one is called “The Swallow’s Treasure” and it’s from Eclectic Moi. It’s not the type of thing I normally go for, yet for some reason the little bird really appealed to me.

The Swallow's Treasure   The Swallow's Treasure

The first photo is me this morning; the second one is from the seller. The swallow and chain are brass, and she carries a little Swarovski crystal beneath. Snookums was a little dubious about it at first. He said it reminded him of the joke in Monty Python and the Holy Grail about swallows carrying around coconuts. The seller’s description sounded as if she was referencing a story or myth though. So I did a bit of googling, and whoa! It’s a Korean folk tale! I had no idea. Isn’t that just perfect? I love it.

And the winner is…

And the winner is… Mikey Filmmaker! Congrats to Mikey for taking out the top spot in this year’s Web-Goddess Oscar Contest. Second place went to Brian Kohut. Both Mikey and Brian managed to correctly guess all twelve winners – including “Departure”! – but Mikey’s guess for the number of dead people in the tribute montage was closer. So he gets the sock monkeys! Thank you to everybody who entered this year, and especially to Jenny for keeping me updated with the winners. You guys rock! (The full list of entry scores is here. Crystal and Renata, better luck next year…)

Dead People

Jenny is reporting 38 dead people in the obituary tribute montage. Can anyone confirm or refute?

Mines in Space!

Mines in Space!
If you like Minesweeper and you have an iPhone, you need this game. Between this and Bejeweled, I’ll never be bored again. It’s got your classic Minesweeper, sure, but it’s also got three other variations on the theme. I like “Imposter” the best, where you have to spot the aliens hiding amongst the boulders. Rodd prefers the hardest one of the bunch: “Rocket Shuffle.” It’s as if the columns on a normal Minesweeper board were shuffled like a slot machine, and you have to line them up the correct away again. He got the logic of it immediately, but it takes me a lot longer to recognize the patterns. There’s also a “challenge” mode at the end where you have to progress through 100 of the other challenges. The graphics and sounds are great, but my favorite thing is the trophy wall where you unlock achievements. Seriously, this is one of the best apps I’ve purchased. (And it’s on sale now!)

Buffy… Abridged

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Abridged). All seven seasons in three minutes and twenty seconds.

Oscar Contest 2009

We’ve passed 400 entries in the Oscar Contest! Of course, I’ve already had to clean several duplicate and suspect entries out of there. “One entry per person” means just what it says. You can’t enter again a few days later. Get it?

Update: Entries are now closed! We ended up with 459 in total. You can track your progress on this page. (Hopefully you entered a distinctive name or URL so you can find yourself!) It’ll get updated as each award is announced. Good luck everybody!

I won some scales!

I won something!
Holy crap! I won a major award! Okay, well not major. But I did win some awesome electronic kitchen scales in the Grab Your Fork 1000 Posts Giveaway. Out of 852 entries, my little email was one of 8 that got picked! And even better, that’s actually the prize that I wanted the most. What a good way to start the week…

Oscar Contest – last chance!

Oscar Contest – Last Chance!
There’s less than 24 hours til the 2009 Oscar telecast begins, which means you’d better enter my Contest if you haven’t already! It seems a lot of folks have left it til the last minute, and the number of entries has been climbing rapidly this week. We’re up to 360!

As usual, I’m asking if any of you with Tivos would be willing to volunteer to report on the number of dead people in the annual tribute montage. With this many entries, I think the tie breaker is going to be really important! (Unless there’s an upset. COME ON, UPSET!)