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Fantastic Mr Fox

Fantastic Mr Fox
The trailer for the upcoming Fantastic Mr Fox movie is out… and I kinda liked it! (I’m as surprised as you are.) It bears very little resemblance to the original story, but to be honest it was never one of Dahl’s best works anyway. (It also underwent extensive revisions, as the original was even more a glorification of thievery.) I actually chuckled quite a few times during the trailer, especially at the young fox with the tube sock on his head. So for the moment, I’m cautiously optimistic about this one…

I really should start updating my Dahl site again. This movie could generate some serious traffic.

Happy birthday Snookums!

I had a weird and busy day away from the computer, but I need to say a public “Happy birthday” to my best friend and favourite human being. Many happy returns of the day, Snookums.

Business Analysis: Requirements Interview

Link List:

Can you guess what I’m doing at work this week?

Use It Up

USE IT UP – WEAR IT OUT – MAKE IT DO! Love it! Of course, I make the Snook take his pants off before I mend them.

Running/Walking Challenge

Running/Walking Challenge
Since I know some of you have been inspired to hit the roads and get healthy lately, I’ve just created a “NSW Knitters Challenge” over at Runner+. The challenge is to get in as many miles in August as you can. There’s no prize for winning; just the encouragement of the group to keep going! I chose Runner+ because it doesn’t require any special equipment to record your runs. You can enter the distances by hand (as I do), or you can sync it up to the Nike+ system. I’ve made the challenge private, so please let me know if you’d like an invite. (And non-knitters are welcome too!)

Infinite Summer

Infinite Jest
I’m sad to report that I’ve fallen so far behind that my Infinite Summer is destined to be a failure. I’m still reading a few pages here and there, but nowhere near the rate I need to keep up.

Chippendale in the SMH

My buddy Michael, Chippendale’s local sustainability expert, is quoted in an article in today’s Sydney Morning Herald about road design and urban warming. He gave a presentation last week on how the Chippendale road gardens represent a way to change the way our city works. (I hope the tree thief reads it and chokes on his own shame.) I’ve also posted this over on the Life in Chippendale blog.


What a difference a week makes!

This week: 28.8km (18mi)
Last week: 12.5km (7.8mi)

I know that’s a ridiculously large jump, more than double. But 18 miles is what I should be up to on my plan, and the only reason the past few weeks were less was because of my stupid cold. The big difference was my long run, which I finally managed to get in yesterday. I did nearly 14km at a very slow pace (4:00 jogging, 1:00 walking) around Centennial Park. My legs, back, and lungs all felt better than I expected. Afterwards I chugged a chocolate milk while sitting in a cold bath. Bliss…

More Tea Party pics

More pictures of yesterday’s tea party are up at JP’s site

Mean people suck

Jeez. The knitting world has been rocked by this post over at Yarn Harlot, where she details the harrassment she’s been dealing with from a reader/commenter who doesn’t like her. If you’re visible on the Internet and you dare to utter an opinion on anything, there is someone who will take extreme offense to it. (And haven’t I learned that lesson recently…) I checked out the Twitter stream of the woman harrassing YH, and man, what a nutbar. A nutbar wrapped in pro-American jingoism, too. Depressing.