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When I got home tonight, I thought I’d check on my veggie patch. So I stepped out the backdoor and, la-di-da, nearly walked headfirst INTO THIS.


The massive web spans from the lilli pilli tree across the path, and Mr. Spider is sitting directly at face height. His body is over an inch long, easy. As I stood frozen and time slowed to a crawl, I was able to see that he was merrily cocooning some unfortunate insect (a bumblebee? a cockroach?) to save for dinner. I slowly backed into the house and grabbed my camera. I got as close as I dared to get the shot, then scampered back in to google spider identification charts. Mr. Spider looked kinda hairy, so my first guess was that he was a Huntsman. (They look evil but aren’t, really.) But I quickly discovered that HUNTSMAN SPIDERS DON’T MAKE WEBS! So I tweeted for help, and luckily Issy came to my rescue. It’s a Garden Orb Weaving Spider. Oh, and judging by the size he’s probably actually a she. I’m going to call her Shelob. She’ll be there until the Snook gets home and prods her with a stick, I imagine.

Growing Up Heroes

Growing Up Heroes. I’ve submitted the photo of me as Wonder Woman from 1981. I’m just waiting for it to be published…

Update: There I am!

Cranberry Pistachio Blondies

Cranberry Pistachio Blondies. If it’s not too hot, I think I might make those this weekend.


The Snook walked in while I was watching the How to Make a Cherpumple Pie-Cake video. He watched it with me. “No,” he said. “Just… NO.”

Old-school Snoopy!

Note to self: Buy these Peanuts figurines for the Snook next year.

Unnecessary Dairy Overlap

I really like the phrase “Unnecessary Dairy Overlap”. That is all.


Cookies! Gourmet‘s Favorite Cookies: 1948-2008. Lots of good stuff in there. I made snickerdoodles last night and dyed the sugar red and green to be more festive. Most of my co-workers were appreciative, though one said that the green ones “looked kinda moldy.” Ingrates.


My base training continues. Using a heart rate monitor has definitely made a big difference in my runs. I don’t worry so much about running the whole distance without stopping; I just try to maintain a consistent level of effort the whole time. If my heart rate maxes out trying to run up a hill on a hot day, it’s better to walk it and stay within my target zone. Along those lines, I’m also noticing what a dramatic difference the weather makes. On a hot or humid day, I have to be vigilant about slowing down or my pulse skyrockets. On a cool breezy evening (like last night) I can run along at a decent clip without breaking 140bpm. Anyway, here are the weekly totals for the past month:

Nov 23: 21.5km (13.35mi)
Nov 30: 23km (14.2mi)
Dec 7: 24.5km (15.2mi)
Dec 14: 26km (16mi)

According to my Buildup Schedule, this week (week 4) will be a recovery week of only 20km. Looking forward to it. My lower back was bothering me a little last night, and overall my legs are feeling a little tight and tired. I was amused to note that I’m actually getting a small callus on the ball of each food. Hey, I guess that’s proof that I’m a forefoot runner now!

Wedding Rings

I liked it, so I put a ring on it.
After five years of being married, the Snook and I finally have wedding rings! We just picked them up today.

Our rings

They’re platinum and each one features the other’s fingerprint, stretched out around the band. They were designed by my friend Candi Robertson of Candi Precious Jewelry. They’re shiny, shiny nerd rings and I absolutely love them.

Our rings - the back

The backs of the rings feature a timestamp in hexadecimal: “419F E890”. That’s the exact time we got married five years ago. (Candi was dubious at first, but now she loves the idea.)

Our rings

I got to see the rings in raw form a couple weeks ago, and I’m amazed at the change. Candi did such a good job of polishing and finishing them. If you need any jewelry at all, I highly recommend calling her up!

Star Wars Weather

Star Wars Weather. Ha! Neat. We’re just chillin’ out, here on Yavin 4.