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Tim Tam Cookie Pops

Hey Sis! Check out Tim Tam Cookie Pops, aka cake balls made with ground up Tim Tams. Whoa.

Yurt Alert

Yurt Alert – one woman’s quest to crochet a full-size, free-standing yurt out of wool. A CROCHETED YURT. That is so cool. (Beats the hell out of a light pole cozy.)

Weekend in Kiama

Surf Beach in KiamaWeekend in Kiama
For those who weren’t following along on Twitter, the Snook and I spent last weekend in Kiama on the south coast of New South Wales. It was BEAUTIFUL. I took a bunch of photos. Special thank you to Kylie and Ailsa for meeting up with us at the Guild meeting and going out for coffee afterwards! (And thanks to Miss Fee for looking in on the oblivious felines.)


CodeOrgan – you enter a URL, and the site generates music based on the HTML. GetUpGo is surprisingly listenable, while w-g is kind of repetitive.

I only eat Plinkton bentos bro!

I only eat Plinkton bentos bro! Eva made a bento out of that animated Kiwi whale. That. Is. Awesome.

RunningBlog: Week 7

Week 7
If you’ve been listening to the podcast, you’ll have heard all about The Saga of Kris’s Right Foot over the past week. It started with tenderness/pain in my right arch while I was running, then that turned into sharper pain on the outside of my right heel. Last Friday I went to see Dr. Maja Markovic at Sydney Uni Sports Medicine. She poked and prodded my foot and took a look at my shoes. She said that my plantar fascia felt tight, and she advised a bone scan to rule out the serious stuff (stress fracture, heel spur, or full-blown plantar fasciitis). I went in for that on Tuesday. They dosed me up with radioactive technetium and then took pictures of my feet and legs over the course of a couple hours. (Though it was a weak dose and I was only radioactive for less than a day, they told me to avoid standing near any children or pregnant women! Fun.) On Wednesday I got the verdict: no serious bone problems and no PF. Hooray! Dr. Markovic has cleared me to run again. Basically, we think the problem was just that I’ve been overworking my feet (specifically my arches with the forefoot running). The scan showed some inflammation on the outside of my right foot, presumably because I’ve been favoring the arch by shifting my weight to the outside. (That’s also why my heel has been hurting.) She’s given me a routine of massage, stretching, strengthening, and icing to do, and she also wants me to see a podiatrist before I buy new shoes. But I can ease back into running again.

Of course, I caught a cold on Monday so I’ve got to get over that first. If it’s not one thing, it’s another!

Feb 17: 2.5km
Total this week: 2.5km
Total in 2010: 137.2km (85.75mi)

The only “workout” I got in this week was walking home from work yesterday. I don’t normally count walking in my weekly total, but given the doctor’s orders to start back slowly, I think this one counts. My 20km cushion in the 1000km Challenge has evaporated, and I’m now exactly on track with where I should be. I told you it’d come in handy!

Build by Wendy Dresses

Built by Wendy Dresses. I want that book!

Bacon Hitler

BACON HITLER IS NOT AMUSED. (Link courtesy of the Snook, who will never get tired of the bacon meme.)

Cake Balls

Hey Sis: “Cake Balls on a Roll in Texas.” I like the photo of the ones with sprinkles on top. I’m also amused that it sounds like the backlash has already started in the US, and the damn things haven’t even made it to Sydney yet!

Robert Pattinson

DEARGOD. Robert Pattinson “manllow”. (That’s half-man, half-pillow.) That is some freaky crafting, right there.

This is where I tell you about the Snook’s crazy idea to reprogram a Billy Bass microchip to say “I’m allergic to vagina” and implant it into a sparkly sock monkey. And people think *I* come up with crazy ideas…