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Miller’s Hat for Snook

Miller's HatMiller’s Hat for Snook
It’s been pretty chilly around here lately, so I finally convinced the Snook to let me knit him a hat. This is tricky business. He doesn’t like things that make his head itchy. He’s hated every woollen beanie I ever put on him. I’d have to get creative. While surfing Ravelry one day, I came across this photo of a guy wearing the unusual Miller’s Hat. Hey, I thought. That looks neat! So I bought the pattern. I decided to go with Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (80% cotton, 20% wool) for the project, despite all the drawbacks. (Cotton isn’t as warm; knitting cables in cotton kills your hands; cotton tends to be a stiffer fabric than wool.) The main selling point was that I knew it definitely wouldn’t make his head “itch.” I ended up having to restart the hat a couple times because I kept stuffing up the herringbone stitch around the band. It’s not hard once you get the hang of it (i.e. read the chart symbols properly), and it looks really cool. I ended up adding quite a few stitches – a whole extra cable repeat’s worth – to make it looser and to compensate for my famously tight tension. I did the whole thing on a 5mm needle, not bothering to change for the cabled bit. I also skipped a couple of the plain rows towards the end, not wanting it to be too slouchy at the top. As for the edging, I just picked up a zillion stitches around the edge, not really caring about the number. (Basically, I winged the whole thing.) It looks… interesting, huh? He likes it. I think he looks like a damn hipster, but it’s unusual and slouchy and keeps his ears warm. That makes us both happy.

More details and photos over on Ravelry

RunningBlog: Week 25

Week 25
This is it. This is the low point of the year, I swear it. I only ran once this past week. I didn’t go to Spudds. I feel listless and flabby. I could make excuses – I think I’ve been fighting off a virus for the past week; Rodd didn’t want to run on the weekend; I’ve been busy at work; I haven’t been sleeping well – but really, I could’ve done more if I really wanted to. I haven’t had a weekday morning run in ages. Winter, you know? It’s tough. My half-marathon training starts next week though, so I’m hoping a plan will get me back on course. And it did feel good to go for a longer distance on that single run…

June 20: 10.96km run
Total this week: 10.96km (6.85mi)
Total in 2010: 472.41km (295mi)

Next week will be the halfway point in my goal to run 1000km in 2010, and as you can see I’m a bit behind on making the 500km mark. It’ll all get better from here, right?


Thinking about making my own gin

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Julia Gillard – Australia’s First Female PM

Julia Gillard – Australia’s First Female PM
While I’m sure it’s barely registered as a blip in the North American news, something monumental happened in Australia this morning: we now have a female Prime Minister for the first time ever. The whole process has been rather dramatic and bewildering for this Yank, even though I’m happy with the outcome. (I’m just not used to changing leaders outside of an election. But hey, that’s how the Westminster system works, right?) I remember blogging in December 2007 about the “little seismic shift” that happened when she became Acting PM while Kevin Rudd was overseas. And now she’s got the job. It’s pretty amazing.

That said, I didn’t really have any big problems with Kevin Rudd. I still prefer him over Tony Abbott by a country mile. I don’t actually think having Gillard in place over him will mean any radical changes before the next election. It’s just nice to see the smile on other women’s faces, to know that we finally cracked it. (Similarly, some of the comments I’ve seen from men on Twitter and Skype have been predictably depressing. But we knew that would happen.)

Knitabulous Yarn Sale

Knitabulous (i.e. my friend Ailsa) is having a 20%-off sale on her fantastic hand-dyed yarns. And even though I’ve been really good about NOT buying wool this year… I couldn’t resist this sock yarn, especially when she described it as “civil war quilt red.” Yay for pretty socks!

Scott Pilgrim Avatar Creator

Scott Pilgrim Avatar Creator

The Narcissist


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Carnage on Hoth

Carnage on Hoth. This is the greatest cake ever made. I’m serious, Sis. Shredded Tauntaun innards. That’s all I’m sayin’.

Food Impact

Michael has posted some news about Food Connect Sydney, who we’ve been using to get weekly fruit & veggie boxes:

Social and Environmental Impact so Far!
Boxes/week: 110
City Cousins: 16
Price to farmers: 41c/$
Organic or chemical free: 100%
Food miles: 252 km

We’ve just renewed for a second subscription, this time getting a Medium box every fortnight. (We’re having trouble getting through a Small box in a week. Things are fresher though, so they also last a while.) Last night I used our cavolo nero to make a big batch of white bean soup, which was especially good on a cold and nasty day like today!